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Luis Schmidt

Luis is, with an age of 19 years, one of the youngest Directors of Music of any professional symphony orchestra. He began his musical career by learning the trumpet at the Klenze-Gymnasium, a grammar school in Munich, Germany, at the age of ten. Aged 15, Luis started conducting and established his own brass ensemble, which he quickly expanded to a wind band and thereafter a chamber orchestra.

Luis then went on studying conducting with worldwide renowned conductor and Haydn researcher, Bruno Weil. He was educated in the Swarowsky-method after the infamous Austrian conductor Hans Swarowsky, a pupil of Schönberg, professor of conducting at the Vienna Music Academy, and teacher of some of the most acclaimed conductors today.

In September 2022 Luis moved from Munich to Newcastle, UK, to read Music at Newcastle University.

At the moment, he researches what he calls the “Elgarian Archetype”, a linking element between Edward Elgar’s compositions. In addition, Luis is interested in the philosophy behind programme music, and the plurality of movements of contemporary classical composers.

It is Luis’ mission to make classical music more accessible to a wider audience and to present lesser well-known, yet very beautiful works in unique concert concepts. The orchestral world can sometimes be quite restricted to only playing classical music, but in his opinion, the true unifying value of music as universal form of communication can only be revealed by also giving attention to other genres, such as jazz, folk, pop & rock, and contemporary music.

In addition to music, Luis has a passion for cooking and baking, and British military history.

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