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Christopher Bruerton

Chris acts as a Trustee and Artistic Adviser of Capella Edina looking after the core values of the orchestra. He was born in New Zealand and grew up studying voice, piano, and percussion, playing all to a professional level. After several years of teaching Music and French, he moved over to the UK to pursue a full-time career as a singer.

In 2012 he joined the world-renowned acapella ensemble The King’s Singers and has been performing in the world’s finest concert venues ever since from New York to Sydney to Beijing and everywhere in between. However, education has never left Chris and the opportunity to give regular workshops and mentor singers from across the world is a wonderful way to keep his foot in the door.

He lives with his wife Liz in Oxfordshire. When not travelling, he enjoys cooking and gardening and catching up with any of his favourite New Zealand sporting teams.

Chris is a dear friend of Director of Music Luis Schmidt and it is such a pleasure to have him as part of Capella Edina.

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